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Legal IT Services

Today, law firms face an increasing amount of data risk, and Digiboon is highly skilled in helping lawyers protect customer information for law firms with a range of IT services. 

For law firms of all sizes, Digiboon offers unparalleled technical advice, network support and other IT services. Our aim is to relieve you of the IT support hassle, so you can focus on running your business. Digiboon provides different types of legal firm technology support, ranging from help desk services to migrations to Office 365 and other IT services. 

Digiboon is exceptional at helping lawyers understand best practices in the business to protect confidential consumer data. To easily incorporate data protection into the legal technology of your company, we have the expertise and hands-on implementing skills.  We will help you create a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that represents the entire law firm’s needs and responsibilities. Our legal IT services identify places where a failure in the processes is likely to occur – placing the systems in place before they become problematic to prevent or overcome any compromising situations. 

Legal IT Solutions and Cyber Security to Keep Your Clients Safe

Are you concerned about your vital data being safe and secure? As a Legal Firm, you know the importance of handling your clients confidential information with the greatest of care. We provide 24/7 assistance, so you’re never going to be left without the answers you need, right when you need them. You can be assured that we are laser-focused on your individual needs as professionals in the legal industry. You’ll never have to think about cyber-attacks again with us by your side. We’ll go to any length to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. 

Building a Network That Boosts Efficiency 

We’ll create a network from beginning to end that will help you better represent your legal clients. We specialize in networking, cloud migration,  storage, databases, servers, and many other resources. We have the experience to make it happen, no matter how complicated your legal IT needs are. We’d be excited to work with you, taking your mind off Legal IT so that you can concentrate on what you do best. For your customers, productivity is essential to doing your best job, and Digiboon has you covered. 

Top 3 factors that make IT a crucial component of a law firms profitability. 

It’s not as easy to run a law firm as it once was, three factors combined make IT a core component of the profitability of a law firm: 

1) Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure extending the rules of discovery to electronic information. 

2) Massive growth of electronically stored information (ESI). 

3) Dependency on software for case management. IT is mission critical to law firms, yet because IT is a cost center and not a revenue generator, investments are limited. Your law firm needs competent management that can maximize profitability and business outcomes. 

It is often said that in court, only a fool represents himself. For IT support, the same can be said. To give your law firm the value you need at a price you can afford, trust the experts at Digiboon. When handled correctly, a well-managed IT infrastructure becomes invisible. Let us take care of the technical details while you focus on winning your cases and advising your clients. 

Training for onsite workers software. 

We not only help you maintain and troubleshoot these applications and your other key systems, we will provide education to you and your staff on how to get the best use out of them to maximize your technological investments and increase your staff’s productivity. 

The Digiboon team of technicians will provide the latest in legal IT solutions for your law firm to enhance how you use technology to support your clients by: 

  • Protecting sensitive data as well as round-the-clock remote control with various layers of top-line security systems and applications. 
  • Enhancing efficiency by giving you and your employees safe access to your files from any approved computer. 
  • To simplify & automate your everyday routine transactions to save you time every day. 
  • With a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan to preserve your business continuity, ensuring that your data and processes are still safely backed up offsite to be quickly restored in case of any disaster. 
  • Providing technical assistance around the clock for any IT problems you face. 
  • Keeping a single fixed-rate monthly fee in your budget.


Digiboon understands that your time is money.

You will have a secure remote connection back to your office ensuring that when you need case documents or case history outside the office, you can gain access to this vital information. We’ve been Westchester County’s trusted IT and computer networking support company for over 15 years. We provide proactive and preventative IT solutions that stop disruptions before they cause disruption to your law firm’s practices. 

Put your trust in us to ensure everything in your legal practice is running smoothly. Learn more about our full range of IT Support Services for businesses in White Plains and Westchester County, New York, by scheduling a complimentary no-obligation assessment of your IT: call us at (914) 747-5686 or send an email to


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