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We Do 'IT' Right For 
Small Businesses

Our mission is to bring the same level of attentiveness and service expected from the IT departments of larger corporations to small businesses that don’t have the budget or justification to employ a full time network administrator.  Delivering great customer service is what we’re all about.


Why Small Businesses And Not The Big Guys?

Sometimes it’s easier to work with larger firms simply because they have more money to invest in their technology.  And, while we could consult (and have consulted) with larger firms, we’ve chosen to work with small businesses and startups for two main reasons:

First, we find many big firms frustrating to work with. It’s next to impossible to get anything implemented because of all the politics and red tape. Everything is a committee decision that only serves to stall action and water down ideas.  We stand on results and results alone. We don’t usually find any of this with small business owners.

Second, we enjoy the challenge of working with small businesses.  We’ve built our business from scratch and know how hard it can be to find reliable people, especially when you’re working with limited resources, little help, and the weight of the world on your shoulders. We’re proud to help our clients eliminate their ‘technology headaches’ and focus on the true nature of their business. 


Our Core Philosophies:

  • Provide clients with IT products and services that exceed expectations.
  • Earn trust and respect of clients through honesty and keeping promises.
  • Make a positive contribution in some small way to the people we meet.

We appreciate your interest in Digiboon for your IT services. Thank you for reading.

Picture of - Dave Zanicchi

- Dave Zanicchi

President, Digiboon Computer Services



Wouldn't consider anyone else.
"I've been through dozens of so-called ‘IT experts’, and NOT ONE can hold a candle to Digiboon. They actually 'get' how small businesses operate and will enhance your business rather than set their own agenda. I refer ALL of my colleagues to them and wouldn't consider using anyone else."
Reliable and trustworthy.
“Before hiring Digiboon, we were experiencing several issues ranging from software glitches and hardware failures, to slow Internet connections. In no time at all, they eliminated all of these issues and saved us a bundle of money along the way. They truly are the most reliable and trustworthy business partner we’ve ever worked with.”
Absolute lifesaver.
“Digiboon is an absolute lifesaver. Super-fast in responding to our support calls. I’ve already referred them to all of my clients and would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Saved us from complete disaster.
“Our previous ‘consultant’ upgraded our network and, after spending well over $10,000, they not only lost all of our data, they never completed the upgrade we had paid them for. The only good that came out of this mess was that we found Digiboon. They were able to recover almost all of our data and now have our network up and running with zero problems.”
Extremely valuable.
"I like the idea of knowing exactly what IT support is going to cost me every month. My staff knows that they can call Digiboon for a quick resolution. And if it’s an ongoing issue, they stay on it until it’s resolved. The level of service to me is extremely valuable."
Tough to beat.
“Overall, they're service is tough to beat. I always know what I’ll be spending for computer support. Our computers never go down anymore. We always get fast and friendly service. Most important of all... our emergencies are their emergencies. It's really like having an IT staff but at a fraction of the cost."
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