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Our Clients Speak Out

Reliable and trustworthy business partner

“Before hiring Digiboon, we were experiencing several issues ranging from software glitches and hardware failure, to slow Internet connections. In no time at all, Dave eliminated all of these issues and saved us a bundle of money along the way. He truly is the most reliable and trustworthy business partner we’ve ever worked with.”

Absolute lifesaver

“Digiboon is an absolute lifesaver. Dave is super-fast in responding to our support calls and always takes time to explain what the problem is and how we can resolve it without breaking the budget. I’ve already referred him to all of my clients and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

You’d be crazy to hire anyone else

“How would I describe Digiboon? In a word: amazing. Dave is living proof that you CAN have great service at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. You would be crazy to hire anyone else to support your computer network.”

Unbelievable service

“I wouldn’t trade Dave for anyone because when you’re stuck in the trenches, you can absolutely count on him to be there and help you out. Just a few weeks ago on a Sunday night we were all in the office trying to meet an impossible deadline when we ran into trouble. Desperate for help, I called Dave on his cell phone. Even though it was Sunday night, he stayed on the phone, remoted into our network and had us back on track. You just don’t get that kind of service anywhere – after all, how many vendors do you know that will make themselves available on their own personal time AND be happy to do it? I can’t say enough good things about Dave. We’re extremely pleased with the work he’s done for us and most importantly, the unbelievable service he provides.”

Very, very valuable

"I like the idea of knowing exactly what support is going to cost me every month. My staff knows that they can call Dave and I know that he’s going to take care of their issues in a timely fashion. If it’s a pending issue, he stays on it until it’s resolved. His level of service to me is very, very valuable."

Tough to beat

“Overall, Dave’s ‘Inclusive Total Protection’ plan is tough to beat. I always know what I’ll be spending for computer support. Our computers never go down anymore. We always get fast and friendly service. Most important of all... our emergencies are his emergencies. It's really like having an IT person on staff but at a fraction of the cost. Thanks Dave.”

Saved us from complete disaster

“Our previous ‘consultant’ upgraded our network and, after spending well over $10,000, they not only lost all of our data, they never completed the upgrade we had paid them for. The only good that came out of this mess was that we found Dave. He was able to recover almost all of our data and now has our network up and running with zero problems. The difference has been night and day!”

Had us back up and running within an hour

“When Dave proposed his ‘ITP’ plan, I was initially concerned because of the price. However, I can’t tell you how glad I am that we took his advice. Not a month later, the office above ours had a fire and the sprinkler system flooded our server room, shorting out everything. Dave was on site by 6:00 a.m. the next day and had us back up and running within an hour! If we still had our old system in place, it would have been weeks before we were able to get back to work – if at all. No one ever thinks these things will happen to them. We were fortunate enough to have ‘hired’ Digiboon in time and averted what could have been a very expensive disaster.”


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